Our kiteboarding location, Jervis Bay, is in NSW and is situated about 2.5 hours (by car) south of Sydney and about 2.5 hours north eastd 4 of Canberra, just off the Princes Hwy. The bay is large – approximately 5km x 10km and has many beautiful beaches, including Hyams Beach, reputed to have the whitest sand in the world.

There are a number of locations available for us to teach around the bay, depending on the prevailing wind and weather conditions, however our most common summer location is on Collingwood Beach. Collingwood is a 2km stretch of sand that lies between the 2 townships of Huskisson and Vincentia. The prevailing summer winds (noreasters) are ‘cross onshore’ at Collingwood, making this a very safe learning location. The swell is usually quite small and the water temperature pleasant – usually in the early 20s.

Mexicans 1Jervis Bay is a much quieter location than Sydney, meaning you will not be competing for space in which to learn. Having lots of other kiters around whilst learning can be very unnerving for beginners, so Collingwood gives you lots of space to learn as safely and enjoyably as possible.

Our Instructors

Our instructors are IKO (International Kite Organisation) trained so that you can learn with confidence. They are fully insured, knowledgeable and have experience kiteboarding in Jervis Bay. They know where to go and how to get the best out of each location and all weather conditions.

Who can Kiteboard?

Almost anyone who wants to have a go at kiteboarding can do so. You don’t need to be particularly strong – the kite is attached to your harness so the pull on your arms is not that great, but a reasonable level of fitness is advisable.

IMPORTANT: it is essential that you can swim confidently in the ocean.

Both men and women make good kiteboarders – we tailor our teaching to the individual, to ensure that all students feel safe, confident and learn at a speed that they are happy with.

The age range for learning is between about 10 and 70, depending on your fitness and your weight. Please ask us if you have any concerns – we believe kiteboarding should be possible for most active people.