We offer lessons from trained professionals who are certified IKO instructors. The IKO method has been used throughout the world and is the benchmark in training standards. This method insures rapid progress to make the most of the time. We review each step or problem that you might be facing and help you master the technique before moving on to the next level. We also use two way radios to stay in direct communication with you as you move down the beach doing your exercises, this way we can correct your technique while you are in the process of doing it. Most of the lessons require muscle memory and we focus on the skills to achieve that memory so that the skills become automatic.

How we teach.

We offer a number of different approaches to lessons, from individual to small group lessons so you can learn with a friend if you would like to.  We also try to tailor our lessons to suit your individual needs.

In our early lessons we concentrate on teaching you to how fly the kite.  Once you have mastered this skill, everything else will fall into place.

Next we will teach you how to rig the kite and set up all your gear, how to launch and land safely, how to eject from your kite if a dangerous situation occurs, how to retrieve your board in the water and how to self-rescue in an emergency.  We aim to teach you everything you need to know to become an independent kiteboarder.  And we aim to make it fun along the way!

We then take you into the water with the kite and teach you how to body drag – that is, flying the kite without using a board, allowing yourself to be dragged through the water.  This is the safest way to get comfortable flying the kite whilst in the water.

Finally we help you get onto the board and enjoy the excitement of your first runs.

Our emphasis is always on your safety and enjoyment. 


Learning to kite will take different lengths of time for different people – some students will have their first runs on their first day, others may take a week or more to master these skills.  Our emphasis is not on how quickly you can get going, but on creating a safe, enjoyable and thorough learning program so you can progress at a rate that suits you.

We supply you with:

 All the latest gear: Kites, harness, helmets, personal flotation devices, and wetsuits if you don’t have your own                      

 What you need to bring:                   

Appropriate wetsuit (a shortie wetsuit is often warm enough for summer months when the water is 20+ degrees, however a long wetsuit can be useful for extra protection and added warmth if you are going to spend a long time in the water)

Wetsuit booties (if you wish to wear them)

Warm clothes and towel for after your lesson

Sunscreen, sunglasses.

Drinking water and snacks


Collingwood Beach NSWPRICES:

Our three hour “Discovery” package for beginners is $250.00

Hourly rate lessons are $90.00

We do small group lessons of two people and one kite at a rate of $120.00 per hour. This is a great way to learn with a friend.